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ELEGANT HOTELS GROUP PLC GBp  109.5548 Delayed Quote.56.51%56.03%62.96%452126
MOBILE STREAMS PLC GBp  0.25 Delayed Quote.42.86%19.05%-56.52%0,0720,0150,453
CPPGROUP PLC GBp  4.85 Delayed Quote.30.73%33.61%-28.15%140,02754
IRONVELD PLC GBp  0.675 Delayed Quote.28.57%28.57%-61.43%10,0176
ZOETIC INTERNATIONAL PLC GBp  9.12 Delayed Quote.23.91%54.05%-16.33%60,25717
LEKOIL LIMITED GBp  5.68 Delayed Quote.18.58%35.56%-26.62%100,14639
ADEPT4 PLC GBp  2.75 Delayed Quote.17.02%12.24%150.00%0,8770,0438
STRATEGIC MINERALS PLC GBp  0.725 Delayed Quote.16.00%-9.38%-44.23%-10,07214
PETREL RESOURCES PLC GBp  7.375 Delayed Quote.15.69%0.00%456.60%0,0000,04514
GULF MARINE SERVICES PLC GBp  9 Delayed Quote.15.24%45.16%-13.46%130,06641
EQUATORIAL PALM OIL PLC GBp  1.075 Delayed Quote.13.16%7.50%-30.65%0,3440,0035
SEALAND CAPITAL GALAXY LIMITED GBp  0.45 Delayed Quote.12.50%-25.00%-86.15%-0,9730,0023
SOPHEON PLC GBp  805 Delayed Quote.11.81%10.27%-32.35%100,228105
AMUR MINERALS CORPORATION GBp  2.025 Delayed Quote.11.72%3.58%-50.00%0,6750,01720
NU-OIL AND GAS PLC GBp  0.0725 Delayed Quote.11.54%-3.33%-90.88%-0,0470,1761
TED BAKER PLC GBp  527 Delayed Quote.9.98%10.02%-66.00%283302
LAURA ASHLEY HOLDINGS PLC GBp  1.675 Delayed Quote.9.84%-10.67%-48.30%-20,00316
AFI DEVELOPMENT PLC USD  0.252 Delayed Quote.9.57%9.57%46.51%230,220264
YOLO LEISURE AND TECHNOLOGY PLC GBp  7.8 Delayed Quote.9.47%45.12%64.21%20,1767
INSPIRIT ENERGY HOLDINGS PLC GBp  0.03 Delayed Quote.9.09%9.09%-7.69%0,0470,0000,568
SKINBIOTHERAPEUTICS PLC GBp  18.5 Delayed Quote.8.82%19.35%37.04%50,08131
MATOMY MEDIA GROUP LTD GBp  2.5 Delayed Quote.8.70%0.00%-54.55%0,0000,009-
AVAST GBp  401.2 Delayed Quote.8.61%8.26%41.27%387115 078
RENEURON GROUP PLC GBp  147.5 Delayed Quote.8.46%-11.68%201.02%-80,49360
N4 PHARMA PLC GBp  3.575 Delayed Quote.8.33%10.00%-61.76%0,4240,0085
PRESSURE TECHNOLOGIES PLC GBp  118 Delayed Quote.8.26%10.80%24.21%30,02028
PHOENIX GLOBAL RESOURCES PLC GBp  17.85 Delayed Quote.8.18%23.72%-30.82%1230,046640
NOSTRUM OIL & GAS PLC GBp  24.05 Delayed Quote.8.09%139.69%-76.31%340,90558
SANDITON INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp  87.75 Delayed Quote.8.00%8.00%0.86%0,0000,015-
CHINA NEW ENERGY LIMITED GBp  2.15 Delayed Quote.7.50%-14.00%82.98%-20,03612
IMMUNODIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS HOLDING.. GBp  290 Delayed Quote.7.41%7.41%58.90%70,038108
AUGEAN PLC GBp  161 Delayed Quote.7.33%36.44%119.05%580,238216
QUADRISE FUELS INTERNATIONAL PLC GBp  4.2 Delayed Quote.7.28%1.20%78.65%0,6380,04154
BACANORA LITHIUM PLC GBp  34 Delayed Quote.7.09%-1.45%41.67%-0,8660,24159
HORIZON DISCOVERY GROUP PLC GBp  171 Delayed Quote.6.88%7.08%-2.29%220,277331
DFS FURNITURE PLC GBp  242 Delayed Quote.6.84%13.62%33.11%790,539661
POLAR CAPITAL HOLDINGS PLC GBp  538 Delayed Quote.6.75%5.08%13.98%310,238644
NEWMARK SECURITY PLC GBp  0.8 Delayed Quote.6.67%6.67%10.34%0,3020,0095
SILENCE THERAPEUTICS PLC GBp  256 Delayed Quote.6.67%36.17%389.48%690,430258
HAYDALE GRAPHENE INDUSTRIES PLC GBp  1.2 Delayed Quote.6.67%6.67%-96.22%0,3070,0575
POLAREAN IMAGING PLC GBp  24 Delayed Quote.6.67%9.09%54.84%30,10935
ZANAGA IRON ORE COMPANY LIMITED GBp  9.875 Delayed Quote.6.64%5.05%-18.56%20,06036
SAN LEON ENERGY PLC GBp  27.15 Delayed Quote.6.47%4.83%4.42%70,102159
BRADY PLC GBp  14.5573 Delayed Quote.6.26%140.00%-75.35%100,65717
DIGNITY PLC GBp  579 Delayed Quote.6.24%9.25%-16.87%320,401373
METALS EXPLORATION PLC GBp  0.875 Delayed Quote.6.06%9.38%118.75%20,00823
ALPHA FX GROUP PLC GBp  965 Delayed Quote.6.04%19.88%70.80%760,315461
CYANCONNODE HOLDINGS PLC GBp  4.4 Delayed Quote.6.02%2.33%-54.40%0,2230,00810
ALPHA GROWTH PLC GBp  1.8 Delayed Quote.5.88%50.00%-14.29%10,0774
IXICO PLC GBp  64.5 Delayed Quote.5.74%32.17%174.47%90,10239
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