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ROYAL ENERGY RESOURCES INC USD Integrated Mining 3.2 Delayed Quote.171.19%0.00%0.00%59
TRON GROUP INC USD Wireless Telecommunications Service... 0.36 Delayed Quote.140.00%0.00%-64.36%59
PMI GROUP INC USD Property Insurance 0.7 Delayed Quote.133.33%0.00%0.00%138
KAHALA BRANDS LTD USD Quick Service Restaurants 300 Delayed Quote.100.00%0.00%0.00%493
TRIPBORN INC USD Travel Agents 1.25 Delayed Quote.78.57%0.00%0.00%122
KS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS CORP USD Business Support Services - NEC 0.2 Delayed Quote.60.00%60.00%68.07%83
WECONNECT TECH INTERNATIONAL INC USD Shell Companies 0.19 Delayed Quote.58.33%0.00%18.75%113
HERON LAKE BIOENERGY LLC USD Ethanol Fuels 0.75 Delayed Quote.50.00%0.00%-6.25%58
SINO AMERICAN OIL CO USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 4.3 Delayed Quote.38.71%0.00%0.00%252
BAKHU HOLDINGS CORP USD Gold Mining 6 Delayed Quote.33.33%0.00%0.00%1 300
MACAU CAPITAL INVESTMENTS, INC. USD Software - NEC 0.0375 Delayed Quote.24.67%0.00%0.00%190
ZHEN DING RESOURCES INC USD Integrated Mining 2.5 Delayed Quote.24.38%0.00%0.00%160
CHINA TMK BATTERY SYSTEMS INC. USD Precious Metals & Minerals - NEC 0.11 Delayed Quote.22.22%0.00%0.00%66
AFRICAN RAINBOW MINERALS LTD (AD.. USD Specialty Mining & Metals - NEC 14.99 Delayed Quote.21.38%18.78%0.00%2 449
REVEN HOUSING REIT INC USD Residential REITs 4.8 Delayed Quote.20.30%-91.62%45.45%53
RESEARCH FRONTIERS, INC. USD Lighting Fixtures 3.59 Delayed Quote.19.27%17.70%130.13%118
ARMEAU BRANDS INC USD Pharmaceuticals - NEC 3.85 Delayed Quote.19.16%0.00%0.00%176
MEDLEY CAPITAL CORP USD Closed End Funds 2.76 Delayed Quote.18.45%11.29%3.76%150
MCRAE INDUSTRIES USD Computer Peripherals 29 Delayed Quote.18.32%20.08%20.83%67
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CORP OF AMER.. USD Mobile Application Software 2.4 Delayed Quote.17.65%17.65%76.47%100
CULLMAN BANCORP INC USD Banks - NEC 30 Delayed Quote.16.96%0.00%0.00%69
BASANITE INC USD Wireless Telecommunications Service... 0.49 Delayed Quote.16.11%53.13%553.33%96
HASH LABS INC USD Medical Software & Technology Servi... 5.5 Delayed Quote.15.79%0.00%0.00%131
JIAYIN GROUP INC - ADR USD Internet Services - NEC 17 Delayed Quote.13.71%67.49%0.00%910
VUZIX CORP USD Phones & Handheld Devices - NEC 2.25 Delayed Quote.13.64%-10.36%-53.22%74
VERRICA PHARMACEUTICALS INC USD Pharmaceuticals - NEC 12.37 Delayed Quote.13.38%22.23%51.78%318
IMPAC MORTGAGE HOLDINGS, INC USD Corporate Financial Services - NEC 3.72 Delayed Quote.12.73%4.10%-12.70%79
MYLAN NV USD Pharmaceuticals - NEC 20.78 Delayed Quote.12.57%15.12%-24.16%10 711
PIERIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC USD Bio Therapeutic Drugs 5.33 Delayed Quote.12.21%15.12%100.38%263
AUTOLUS THERAPEUTICS LTD - ADR USD Bio Therapeutic Drugs 15.38 Delayed Quote.11.85%6.22%-53.17%692
NUCANA PLC (ADR) USD Bio Therapeutic Drugs 9.02 Delayed Quote.11.22%-5.55%-37.79%286
COMMAND CENTER, INC. USD Employment Services - NEC 6.4 Delayed Quote.11.11%12.68%60.00%93
RESTORBIO, INC. USD Pharmaceuticals - NEC 10.53 Delayed Quote.10.84%-6.15%22.16%376
ONESMART INTERNATIONAL EDUN GR L.. USD Educational Services 7.99 Delayed Quote.10.66%-3.27%2.44%1 291
TCR2 THERAPEUTICS INC USD Biotechnology & Medical Research - ... 15.12 Delayed Quote.10.61%43.59%0.00%360
AMBOW EDUCATION HOLDING LTD (ADR.. USD Personal Services - NEC 3.04 Delayed Quote.10.14%7.04%-44.01%66
OVERSTOCK.COM INC USD E-commerce & Auction Services 22.08 Delayed Quote.10.12%24.39%62.59%779
FORTUNE VALLEY TREASURES INC USD Beer, Wine & Liquor Stores 3.02 Delayed Quote.9.82%0.00%0.00%929
JETBLACK CORP USD Internet Services - NEC 0.49 Delayed Quote.8.89%8.89%139.02%302
CEL-SCI CORPORATION USD Bio Therapeutic Drugs 7.73 Delayed Quote.8.87%8.07%147.39%261
FIRST DATA CORP USD Transaction & Payment Services 31.69 Delayed Quote.8.71%10.15%87.40%29 972
FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORP USD International Trade Financing 1.54 Delayed Quote.8.45%3.65%-12.35%7 699
ORION ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC. USD Lighting Fixtures 3.13 Delayed Quote.8.30%8.68%448.16%94
PINTEC TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS LTD USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 3.7 Delayed Quote.8.19%18.21%-64.68%139
GREENPRO CAPITAL CORP USD Investment Management & Fund Operat... 1.19 Delayed Quote.8.18%8.18%-74.68%65
FORTRESS BIOTECH INC USD Biopharmaceuticals 1.37 Delayed Quote.7.87%5.38%59.30%89
BOSY HOLDINGS CORP USD Management Consulting Services 3.02 Delayed Quote.7.86%0.00%5.59%738
AGEX THERAPEUTICS INC USD Biotechnology & Medical Research - ... 2.75 Delayed Quote.7.84%-9.25%-14.72%103
CPI AEROSTRUCTURES, INC. USD Aircraft Parts Manufacturing 8.05 Delayed Quote.7.48%-1.58%17.58%95
SOLENO THERAPEUTICS INC USD Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distr... 2.45 Delayed Quote.7.46%-6.84%43.27%78
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