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Session Hour Country Event Consensus Previous Importance
July 29
04h00 IT PPI (June)--Medium
04h30 UK Monetary base (June)--Low
04h30 UK Consumer Credit (June)--Low
19h30 JAP Unemployment Rate (June)--Medium
19h30 JAP Unemployment claims  (June)--Medium
19h50 JAP Industrial production (June)--High
22h00 JAP Monetary policy committee's decisions (July)--High
July 30
01h30 FRA GDP (2nd quarter)--High
02h00 GER Consumer confidence (August)--High
02h45 FRA Personal Consumption (June)--High
02h45 FRA Gouvernement Budget (June)--Low
05h00 EUR Consumer confidence (July)--High
05h00 EUR Industrial Confidence (July)--Low
05h00 EUR Business climate (July)--Medium
07h00 BE CPI ou Consumer Price Index (July)--Medium
08h00 GER CPI ou Consumer Price Index (July)--Medium
08h30 USA Personal Income (June)0.400.50Low
08h30 USA Personal Consumption (June)0.300.40Medium
09h00 BE GDP (2nd quarter)--High
09h00 USA Case Shiller Home Price Index (May)3.502.50Medium
10h00 USA Pending Home Sales Index (June)1.001.10Low
10h00 USA Consumer confidence (July)125.50121.50High
July 31
01h00 JAP Consumer confidence (June)--High
02h00 GER Retail sales (June)--High
02h45 FRA CPI ou Consumer Price Index (July)--Medium
03h55 GER Unemployment claims  (July)--Medium
03h55 GER Unemployment Rate (July)-5.00Medium
04h00 IT Unemployment Rate (June)--Medium
05h00 EUR CPI ou Consumer Price Index (July)--Medium
05h00 EUR Unemployment Rate (June)-7.50Medium
05h00 EUR GDP (2nd quarter)--High
05h00 IT CPI ou Consumer Price Index (July)--Medium
06h00 IT GDP (2nd quarter)--High
08h15 USA ADP National Employment (July)150 000102 000Medium
08h30 USA Wages & Salaries Power Supply (2nd quarter)--Low
09h45 USA Chicago PMI Index (July)50.5049.70High
10h30 USA Crude Oil inventories (Week )--10 800 00Low
14h00 USA Monetary policy committee's decisions (July)2.132.38High
20h30 JAP Manufacturing PMI (July)--Medium
August 01
03h45 IT Manufacturing PMI (July)--Medium
03h50 FRA Manufacturing PMI (July)--Medium
03h55 GER Manufacturing PMI (July)--Medium
04h00 EUR Manufacturing PMI (July)--Medium
04h30 UK Manufacturing PMI (July)--Medium
07h00 UK Monetary policy committee's decisions (August)0.750.75High
08h30 USA Unemployment claims  (Week )215 000206 000Medium
10h00 USA Construction spending (June)0.40-0.80Medium
10h00 USA ISM Manufacturing PMI (July)51.9051.70High
19h50 JAP Monetary Policy Decision Text (July)--High
August 02
04h00 IT Industrial production (June)--High
05h00 EUR Retail sales (June)--High
05h00 EUR PPI (June)--Medium
05h00 IT Retail sales (June)--High
08h30 USA Unemployment Rate (July)3.603.70Medium
08h30 USA Employees on Nonfarm payrolls (July)160 000224 000High
08h30 USA Trade Balance (bn $) (June)-54.60-55.50High
10h00 USA Industrial orders (June)0.80-0.70Medium
10h00 USA University of Michigan consumer sentiment  (July)98.6098.20High
GER : Germany
CAN : Canada
EUR : European Union
FRA : France
IT : Italy
JPN : Japan
SUI : Switzerland
UK : United Kingdom
USA : United States
NL : Netherlands
BE : Belgium
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